Andrés de Negri

+ Exhibition by Andres de Negri / from Nov 14 to 17th , 2019

14. November 2019 13:00 – 17. November 2019 21:00

Following his exhibition at the Paris Photo Art Fair, Argentine artist Andrés Denegri will show Diarios Cuadro a Cuadro (Diaries Frame by Frame) in Berlin for the first time, a series of Super 8 films made frame by frame developed over more than ten years.

The making of each of these pieces is usually spontaneous; they emerge from encounters with the extraordinary in everyday life. They are personal notes, a crazy memory.

The evolution of Andrés Denegri’s work has led him to extend his initial practice of video art and experimental cinema to installation formats that incorporate the site, so that it plays a role in creating a particularity in each exhibition, a work that changes each time.

Tres tiros (2014)
Fotografía, triptico
Impresion fine art en papel de algodón, 200 x 160 cm (3 x 62 x 160 cm) Ed 3 + AP

The playback device itself, the film tape, the projected image and the text on paper form a unity that exceeds the sum of their parts. They are hybrid mechanisms that occupy the exhibition space and use the materiality of their elements to create flashes of meaning that illuminate a new vision in the quest to reconstruct national and personal identities soaked in context.

Denegri’s 16mm and video projections will extend these works on walls and ceilings, decentralising the view and blurring architectural contours.

The exhibition will culminate in a dinner with live cuisine image by image, an experience developed by our chef Javier Carrillo that adds an exquisite surprise factor.

Platform is a collaborative project dedicated to producing pop-up exhibitions and temporary gastronomic experiences in different locations in Berlin. We use the city as a random map to create meeting points where location, artists and gastronomy evoke a multi-sensory experience.

Our migration background drives us to a constant search for connections and exchanges; the mix of different disciplines and a sum of singularities has led us to develop this mobile platform that intervenes in the space with a horizontal and simple aesthetic proposal that unites and gives visibility to art and author cuisine and promotes multicultural exchange and creative development at a local level .

The place inspires the artist and the artist inspires the menu.

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