“Despertar 12500 Km away”

On October 18, a social explosion erupted in Chile after more than 40 years of implementing a neoliberal economic experiment that has positioned Chile as one of the most entrepreneurial economies in Latin America, but with one of the highest levels of inequality in the world. What initially appeared to be demonstrations against the increase in public transport fares turned out to be just the tip of an Eisberg of economic abuses and social injustice that have more than 80% of Chile’s inhabitants indebted to live and most public services privatised, including access to water.

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In the face of this outburst, the current government of President Sebastián Piñera has acted with extreme violence, initially attacking students with tear gas bombs and bullets for evading public transport, and later declaring war on its own people, taking the military to the streets for the first time since the end of Augusto Pinochet’s dictatorship, and making human rights violations a constant feature of their actions in the conflict, the most emblematic case being the systematic eye mutilation of demonstrators in the streets, which has already left more than 217 people without an eye and 5 people dead.
The aim of this exhibition is both to make visible the difficult situation that the Chilean people are going through, exposing part of the social demands that, even from this distant point more than 12500 km away from the conflict, have been publicly expressed by the Chilean community living in Berlin; as well as to raise awareness of the dramatic humanitarian situation that is being experienced in the country, where respect for the human rights of citizens has ceased to be a priority for the current government.

During the exhibition, different Chilean artists will present a perspective of the conflict through a series of installations and projections about the terrible national situation, and an infocentre will be set up where it will be possible to see in different videos and documentaries what is happening in Chile without the censorship of the media.

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