Manual para dar la mano

How do you shake hands? The exercise of such a symbolic and important human action is the common thread of this exhibition. It is an exhibition based on the impulse and propulsion of projects of different kinds that converge in a mutual action. Giving a hand, offering a hand or receiving a hand have been virtuous actions that have occurred naturally between initiatives that have become complementary.

Pablo Cabrera Ferralis (Santiago de Chile, 1983) maintains a literary poetic project in parallel to the plastic arts, with which he has collaborated and published on two occasions in Ojos de sol magazines, an independent publisher in Madrid that seeks to give a place to the new voices of the Spanish-speaking poetic scene.

+ Exhibition by Pablo Cabrera Ferralis / from Feb 22 to Marz 7 , 2021 Facebook event >

At the end of 2019, Ojos de sol invites you to illustrate Trépano, its new magazine that has as its forced footing the formal structures of poetry, where in its first issue it is called to write a Haiku: a short poem of Japanese origin that is composed by three lines that make up a fleeting image. The artist’s work begins with the reading of the twenty-six poems and the conformation of haiku pairs that have an affinity to propose images that accompany the texts in the magazine, developing a total of thirteen works made with mixed technique: collage, watercolor and drawing in ink.

Captura de Pantalla 2020-12-27 a la(s) 18.19.27.png

The new Kastanien Studio Berlin knows the Trépano project and invites the artist and the publisher to present the result of this collaboration together with the musical work of Manu Ela.

Instructions to Shake Hands is a nomenclature, a response to an egocentric reality of a society that collapses in front of our eyes because we have forgotten that we are only when we are with the other. It is an invitation to collaborative work, openness, altruism and the combination of disciplines. Creative forces that seek to build links to propel us, together and hand in hand, towards a better future.

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