Valentina Berthelon “And so on to infinity”

Photo by Alma Paz

Valentina Berthelon is a chilean audiovisual artist based in Berlin. She works in the intersection between visual arts, music and technology. Influenced by the world of science Valentina creates audiovisual pieces that evoke different forces of nature in relation to the human body and perception. One of her main projects it ́s a collaborations with german musician Tobias Freund called Recent Arts, they bring together experimental music and video to create deep and unique audiovisual experiences for the audience.

Visual representations of the universe, ranging from ancient woodcut of the Earth’s creation, to hand painted manuscript illustrations, offset prints, photographic images to contemporary HI definition visualizations of galaxies, have the power to show stages of our evolving self-awareness as a species. They also give a better understanding of how the universe works and our positions within it. “An so on to infinity” Is an audiovisual project that takes you on a trip into a universe of astronomical images, It highlights the beauty and simplicity of low-fidelity material by using old images created without the technological tools available nowadays.

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