Chilean Conexion

“Chilean Conexión” is an exhibition of young Chilean artists living in Berlin that aim to disseminate and increase the visibility of the work being developed by many migrating chilean artists in the German capital, with hopes to facilitate a meeting and connection between them and also within the local community.

Grupal Exhibition & Installation  by Chilean Conexion  from 17 to 30th Oct Berlin, 2020

Since the Berlin Wall fell down, many Chilean artists and musicians have been relocating to the German capital, seduced by an effervescent artistic and musical scene, and for social-cultural relations that entice them to this particular city. These migrant artists often go unnoticed due to both their youth and also the large number of artists and musicians who arrive each year in the city, competing for the same workspaces and exhibitions.

Last September, a group of them was invited for the first time to exhibit part of the works they have been developing here, in a small collective exhibition. About 30 artists: 12 visuals, 11 video artists and 4 musicians were presented in a single night, being received with a massive attendance of the Chilean community and also the local public.

In this second edition, the objective is to expand and consolidate the exhibition, with more works and categories on display, which will include: the visual arts, video art, installations, acoustic projects and performances, in addition to several workshops, several of them supporting foreign artists. The exhibition will take place during “Berlin Art Week” and the “18 de Septiembre” (the Chilean national celebration) will  also be held.

Due to current health restrictions, all visitors to the various exhibitions must wear masks and respect social distancing. In addition, access to the different spaces will be controlled so as not to exceed the number of people allowed by the regulations for each venue.

This year’s event is supported by Lite Has Galerie, Kastanien Projektraum, Monopol and Hafnia Foundation.

For more information about the event please visit our facebook and instagram accounts or sign up for the eventzo on facebook:

We have also attached the latest version of our 4 posters for you to share on your networks.

*Chilean Conexión is an annual, non-profit festival, created with the aim of helping the diffusion and integration of Chilean artists in Berlin and Germany.

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