Micaela Masetto / WANDER


(v.) to go aimlessly, indirectly, or casually; meander.

To walk is to measure with the body the space of the city and appropriate the ground that we step on. It is seeing the landscape of thoughts pass by, it is breathing, feeling the heart beat and living between the inner and outer silence among the confusion of experience.

In my solitary walks through a new city, a flash, a shadow, an outline, an encounter occurred.

+ Photo Exhibition by Micaela Masetto / from 20 Nov to 4 Dec Berlin, 2020


Shnit Film Festival, Buenos Aires 2019 / Tampolín Mag, Berlin 2019 / Short of the Year, Madrid 2019 / Noel Alejandro Films, Berlin 2019 / Lucky Pinhole, Berlin 2018 / Agua Ardiente by Los Espiritus, Buenos Aires 2017 / FLaViA Videoarte Festival, Buenos Aires 2015 / Cine Under Festival, Buenos Aires 2015

20 November – 4 December

 KSTN Projectraum

Boppstrasse 2, 10967 Berlin

*please make an appointment at [email protected]

About Micaela Masetto I grew up and studied in Buenos Aires, that city where everything moves very fast and curiosity has no rest. I understand that this sparked my interest in photography and film. After my audiovisual studies, I decided to expand a bit more and travelled to do a master’s degree at the Ostkruezschule für Fotografie. Since 2018 I have been living in Berlin, where I work as a director of photography for films, documentaries and more. Here (here) I continue to create my story and learn to listen to the stories of those of us who every day redefine “home”.

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