Understanding Vital Fluitidy

Understanding Vital fluidity

Paula Baeza Pailamilla & Sebastián Calfuqueo Aliste

installation & design Alejandra Caro / technical installation Juan Saez

Life can be observed in the processes of water. Water as an element enables it and accompanies it. Water nourishes bodies, it heals, but if it cannot flow, it disappears and everything along with it.

To manage water is to manage life, to manage bodies and stories. It is to destroy the course, it is to erase territory, it is to dry up, it is to kill.

Sebastian Calfuqueo and Paula Baeza Pailamilla present two works that speak of the fluidity of water as the foundation of organic existence. They open up the possibility of (re)knowing from another point of view. They displace the colonial binary perspective, showing nature and culture as part of a universe of inalienable knowledge, where the connection between bodies and nature is possible, is real.

curator Alejandra Atalah


Paula Baeza Pailamilla

Graduated from Universidad ARCIS in Pedagogy in Contemporary Dance and from the master’s degree in Art Theory and History at Universidad de Chile as a CONICYT scholarship holder. Since 2012, she has developed her performances based on her own Mapuche identity, being this the point of origin for her works, questioning herself and her context in its historical, political and social dimension. Her textile work has been produced from relational art projects. Since 2016, she has been part of the Mapuche collective Rangiñtulewfü.
She has been a guest artist at various events, theaters and galleries in Chile, Argentina, Uruguay and Colombia, Germany and Switzerland, where she has addressed issues related to the body, to racialized identities and their context. In 2020, she was a guest artist at the 11th Berlin Biennale in Germany. She won 1st place in the New Media category in the Young Art award given by the Municipality of Santiago in 2019, and 2nd place in 2018 in the competition granted by the Department of Native Peoples of the Ministry of Culture of Chile.



Sebastian Calfuqueo Aliste

(Santiago, 1991). Visual Arts PhD graduate from the University of Chile.They are part of the feminist Mapuche collective Rangiñtulewfü and Yene Magazine.

Represented by Patricia Ready Gallery

From Mapuche origin, their work appeals to his cultural inheritance as a starting point in order to propose a critical reflection on the Mapuche subject’s social, cultural and political status within the contemporary Chilean society and Latin America. Their Work includes installation, ceramics, performance and video art with the purpose of exploring the cultural similarities and differences as well as the stereotypes produced from the cross between indigenous and western ways of thinking,

and, also with the purpose of making the problems feminism and sexual dissidence movements present visible. Recent exhibitions include solo presentations at Galería 80m2, Livia Benavides, Galería D21, Galería Metropolitana, Parque Cultural de Valparaíso and MAC -Museo de Arte Contemporáneo– from Universidad de Chile, Quinta Normal building in Santiago de Chile.

They were awarded with the Municipalidad de Santiago award on

2017 and Premio Fundación FAVA on 2018.


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