Dis/Order by Paula Vidal

If the Covid 19 pandemic has submerged us in a collective experience where fear confronts us as a society and makes us oscillate between chaos and order, Dis/Order installation proposes an individual and playful experience. It explores the order and chaos that everyone can accept for themselves and in relation to others. And it does so through a game, through a sensorial experience. 

Dis/Order versus order. What oppresses the person the most? What are their emotions, what are their actions when they inhabits this spatial, existential question? The installation DIS/ORDER launches a question that each spectator answers by listening to the sensations of their own body. 

Dis/Orden works with duality: chaotic, mobile structures, confronted with other archaic, fixed, apparently static ones. Through the passage through the two systems, structures in Chaos and Order as Metaphor, the audience is forced to act. They cannot remain a mere spectator. They must confront the question that the work throws at them: What do you want for yourself? What space do you need to move through? Is it better to modify the proposal? Is it better to adapt to reality? 

In this way, an alteration of the person’s state of mind is generated and, inevitably, a modification of the physical state of the piece because, in the spectator’s transit, the work is modified, it enters an entropic state of uncertainty. Whether they want to or not, the spectator responds with their body to the great question: how much uncertainty are you capable of handling? 

Important information

From Saturday May 8th, 2021 it is possible again to visit the gallery during the opening hours:

Your visit will be possible by following the necessary hygiene rules and previously booking and appointment at: 
[email protected]

*Please bring a written or electronic proof of a negative Corona Test not older than 24 hours (https://schnell.coronatest.de) and wearing an FFP-2 mask. 
We’re looking forward to your visit! 

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