Between Waves

We are very happy to announce the next exhibition in our space. 
” Between Waves ” a group exhibition of the artists 
Paula Valenzuela Antúnez, Sofia Nordmann and Stevens Vaughn.

The exhibition will open on 16th June and will remain open until 30th June.
Opening on 16th June at 5pm / Boppstr 2, 10967 Kreuzberg Berlin.

Special thanks to the HAFNIA Foundation for their support in the realisation of this exhibition.

+ Exhibition ” Between waves “ / from Jun 16th to 30th , 2021 Facebook event >

Sofia Nordmann / Argentina. Lives in Berlin since 1997. The artist has a particular interest in the oneiric, blurred boundaries, people and nature, principally through painting.

Layers are one of the central focuses in her work. It is about the fact that the visible reality is only the surface, the first layer of many. 

In this exhibition presents works from superposed images, in mixed media on transparent paper. The first two or three layers are visible, the remaining layers can be seen from the side.

Paula Valenzuela Antúnez / Chile art residency in germany. Investigates the ways in which art influences our lives and how it can suggest other ways of seeing reality, not only in its poetic and spiritual character, but also as a reflexive and critical proposal. He has concentrated on investigating the landscape that surrounds us, to look for ways of questioning, experiencing and re-interpreting it through painting and installation. “I am interested in investigating the relationship we establish as individuals with what is presented to us as a “real” landscape.”

Stevens Vaught / USA based in Australia. Contemporary Chinese society and the relation to ancient mythology and history have disputes concerning the gender and significance of the Buddha Guanyin. The question of Guanyin being a feminine or androgynous character spites the sensible gender discussion in China. Stevens Vaughn´s “Feminine Buddha” is an ode and a comment to the feminist policies of the Red army which constitutionally makes China one of the most gender equal societies. Vaughn´s 40 years research of Chinese ancient history and contemporary society combines in his Pansexual buddhas reflecting on the impact of Buddhist and Daoist societal philosophical base to the constitution and contemporary Gender types and power relations. The Buddhas has been exhibited in Venice during the 57th Biennale, in Susanne Ottesen Gallery in Denmark, at Miami Red dot Art, and in Santiago, at Ch.ACO 2019.

Dear Friends
Your visit will be possible by following the necessary hygiene rules and previously booking and appointment. Please bring a written or electronic proof of a negative Corona Test not older than 24 hours ( and wearing an FFP-2 mask.

We’re looking forward to your visit!

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