Santiago Mac – Auliffe

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Santiago Mac-Auliffe 1985, Santiago de Chile. In 2007 he graduated from the Finis Terrae University. where he received an intense education in Visual Arts with focus in painting. During that time Santiago acquires and develops the element, which will become his principal means of expression in the future: on the formal side he is influenced by comic art, graffiti and street art in general, whereas his imaginarium is composed through his obsession for religion and psychedelics.

His characters are caricatures, living and acting in a comic-like scenic world of wonders and excitement. Concerning the content, Santiagos universe is an intimate black Comedy, allegories by archetypical individuals, icons and symbols, which he understands to blend together to illustrate the contemporary human condition: a tragicomic confrontation of spirituality and altered states of mind with a world saturated with materialisms and excesses.

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