Presentation of the project “Granddaughters of the típalo”.

by Colectivo Típalo

The project will be screened in our space on Thursday 24 and Friday 25 November at 6pm. Confirm your attendance at [email protected]

Two women architects from Calama, Atacama Desert, Chile Natalia Flores, Architect and Angélica Gamboa

They have created the TIPALO Collective, which means vulva in Kunza, “because we believe in the importance of the territory in our development… and in bringing out the voice that our vulvas hide”.
The collective is a non-profit non-profit, artistic and artistic and feminist conscience interested above all in developing collaborative projects, and urban interventions with the aim of appropriating public space with feminist
feminist themes y contemporary themes

Connecting with our ancestral feminine lineage through the moulding of clay vulvas, with the purpose of
purpose of recognising herself in the present as a powerful, strong and loving woman. It is an invitation to
reflect on our ancestral origins, through interaction with the earth, our Pachamama,
to recognise ourselves in our grandmothers, in their sufferings, guilt, pleasures and eroticism.
The purpose of the work to be exhibited to the public is to make visible the vulva as a symbol of power, origin, life and sensuality.
origin, life and sensuality…. Liberate it from prejudices with love, making visible our history and our present.
our history and our present.

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