In August 2019 Kastanien Projektraum was founded in Kastanienallee 12, Prenzlauer berg and and from July 2020 we have a new location Boppstrasse 2, in Kreuzberg Berlin.
The space is open to artists , architects, projects and exhibitions with a migrant background.
Since 2019 we have had several successful exhibitions and installations from different artists and countries.

Our curatorial line

Migration is a process of transposition, in which we re-signify elements. In it, the means change, ruptures are generated, our mimetic capacity is put to work – in W. Benjamin’s terms. Migration is a physical and psychological, spatial and temporal process, it is a creative act in itself.
At Kastanien we seek to focus on this specific moment of the creative process. In each exhibition, we present works, which show causes and/or effects, which play with the possibilities in the construction of themes and identity. Emphasising the intersectional perspective. What is the aesthetic and spatial response to migration in the visual arts? How does migration manifest itself visually from this perspective in the use of media? These are questions that we as Espacio want to ask ourselves, exploring different narratives through the works.

Curatorial text from
Alejandra Atalah /Curator