PAST TENSE by Juan Nazar

Opening, September 02 17:00-10:00

September 03 – September 19, 2021

PAST TENSE is the artist Juan Nazar’s second solo exhibition in Berlin. The show presents a visual and material investigation associated to the parts and remnants of classical monuments. The artist takes his inspiration from the German Romantic period, during which a fragment or a part of a ruin was seen as a vestige of something that was not yet finished, expressing in turn, a desire for unity or for being completed.

Playing the role of both creator and collector and considering that archeological finds can have multiple meanings and interpretations, Nazar explores the streets of Berlin searching for his own finds: parts, fragments, and possible discoveries.

The exhibition consists of a wooden structure that, like a tridimensional collage, creates a new monument that it also already a ruin. It is completed with objects, both found and created by the artist by incorporating materials usually used in construction, such as plaster, polyethylene, and iron. The structure is also accompanied by 10 drawings made on paper and 5 medium format photographs that speak of incomplete or developing processes: they show fragmented lines and incomplete images.

At the same time, Nazar also invites the artist Rita Koszorus to participate, incorporating a pictorial piece into the scene.

Juan Nazar, (Chile) studied architecture in Chile and Italy, after which he turned towards the development of visual arts. He refined this practice under the supervision of the Chilean artist and National Art Award recipient Eugenio Dittborn, as well as by participating in art residencies in cities such as Lisbon and Berlin. His work consists in capturing objects and situations through photography, sketches, or cast molds, in order to then classify them and rearrange them in a new context. He studied different materials, exploring the relationship between architectonic landscape and its fragments in a determined place.

He has been living and working in Berlin since 2017, where he has participated in collective exhibitions at Koreanisches Kulturzentrum, LiteHaus Galerie and Neurotitan Gallery, among others. He has also shown his work in Cologne, Brescia, and New York.

In 2020 he held his first individual exhibition, entitled “Hey! You have just ruined everything” at Mommsen35 Galerie. 

For the development of Past Tense, he has received the support of FONDART, Chile’s National Fund for the Development of Culture and the Arts.